Saturday, July 28, 2007

Hopes, dreams, desires

Things I want to experience before I die.
  • I want to lick Mistress to an orgasm while she sits on my face and whips, canes or squeezes my balls so painfully that I have to struggle past the pain to keep licking.
  • I want to be go to a party, naked except for my leash and ball stretcher, with Mistress dressed in a skin-tight latex dress and thigh-high boots.
  • I want to be caned until I cry and my backside bleeds.
  • I want to suck cock while my Mistress watches.
  • I want to be used as a toilet for an entire weekend.
  • I want to spend an hour or more with my face between Her buttocks.
  • I want to serve as sex slave for a whole room full of people.
  • I want to feel Owned.

1 comment:

willie said...

Solipsist, it is amazing how we have such similar taste and feelings. i would relish the acts on your list, and also hope to experience them someday, especially as my Mistress would enjoy them also. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, they help me deal with mine. willie