Sunday, August 5, 2007

Exploring the range of a new cane

I came home from work for another hour on Friday, because Mistress said she wanted to work on my marks again. You can see that the previous days marks have faded to just a few faint bruises. For this session, She decided to pull my cock back between my legs, so that She could pay it some attention.

She started with Her black 'spaghetti' and baby suede 'keychain' floggers, reddening my cheeks and allowing the tip of the whip to deliver stings to my exposed cock and balls. This was definitely a good time to be lying helpless across the new bench, as some of the heavier strokes on my balls would have made me jump in any other position.

In between groups of strokes, She took time out to tease me with Her fingertips, before starting on the more serious part of the session.

You can see from this pic how the vertical strokes from the whips complement the horizontal strokes from the canes.

Mistress is still getting used to the two new canes we bought a few weeks ago. Until today, She had been content to use them quite lightly, putting just enough effort into them to get a red mark and a noise out of me. Today (She told me afterwards) She decided to see what putting some more effort behind them would do. As you can see some of the strokes have nearly broken the skin, and the sensations were heavenly :). The marks you see here were achieved in just over 10 minutes.

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