Monday, October 1, 2007


I got suspended for the first time last night. After it was over, MF the Dom who rigged it, asked me how I found the experience of being suspended. I gave some rather brief answers, but here's a longer one.

There were 4 of us in the house, and we had been talking, drinking coffee and eating a very late lunch. Mistress said "we'd better be on our way" (we had a 3 hour drive to get home). MF and Ms Gorgeous Redhead said "oh, but you can't go now. We were hoping to do some suspension on your sub."

Not long after this, I was standing naked underneath the hoist, with MF starting to wind a long piece of cotton sash cord around my chest. Mistress and Ms Gorgeous were standing watching, rummaging through their respective toys to find things to use on me later. The situation itself was enough to put me into a mild trance. I stood still and silent, as the rope harness wound itself further and further down my body, not too tight, but enough to immobilise me. The process of being cocooned started to focus me inwards, and bring my thoughts purely into the present.

The two Dommes circled me as MF worked a second rope into the harness, drawing my legs together and making me unsteady on my feet. Mistress pressed up against me, fondling my cock and balls to hardness, kissing me deeply and then biting my bottom lip hard, pulling away with my lip between Her teeth until I was moaning in pain. Ms Gorgeous hit my backside with a paddle, directly on top of the impressive bruises from our scene the night before, and before I knew it, my hand involuntarily moved to protect my ass. "That hand better not be trying to protect your backside." "Sorry Ma'am" "I know I'm hitting you on top of last night's bruises. And I know exactly how much it hurts. Don't you dare try to stop me." And She hit me again, and again. Mistress grabbed the tip of a nipple and squeezed till I winced.

MF said in a disgusted tone "He'd better not slime on me," and Mistress grabbed me, alternately smearing my pre-cum across the tip of my cock, biting my bottom lip in more vicious kisses, and torturing my nipples. Then Ms Gorgeous showed me the knife. Sharp, gleaming metal. A serious knife. A six inch blade, over an inch across at its widest. She took out an alcohol swab and started to clean it.

Then I was blindfolded, and the world became pure sensation.

They tipped me over, slowly, until I was lying on my face. It started with being pushed, my balance slowly vanishing. I fought for a while, my body rigid, until I started to understand the control provided by the ropes. Eventually, at what felt like 60 degrees from the vertical, I gave in and found myself in a crouch. MF instructed the Mistresses, and soon I was stretched out on the floor, as they continued to rig the suspension.

Through this process, the feeling of objectification, being simply a body that they were using intensified.

Eventually MF announced that I would start slipping backwards. I felt the ropes start to tighten, the chain of the winch clank, and I started sliding. As I started to lift off the ground, two sensations competed for my attention: the intense pain of ropes digging in as they supported my weight, and a feeling of almost weightlessness, of being totally disoriented in space. The ropes over my shoulder were the most intense, and (though the photos show that I was level with the ground) I felt like I was tipped forward by at least 45 degrees.

The feeling of the harness digging into my skin and muscles dominated my attention all the time I was suspended. Paying attention to any of the other sensations and emotions was akin to having a conversation while listening to a live band: it had to shout to be heard. I was vaguely aware that I was moaning softly with every outward breath, and at one point I heard MF say "turn the music down, listen to the noises he's making," which they did.

They swung me around, and though I was aware of motion, I had no idea how far or how often.

I was lost in a world of pure sensation. My sensory inputs were overloaded, too many nerves competing for my attention. Ms Gorgeous leant in close to me, and told me to relax my head. The shoulder ropes dug in even deeper, but the reduced muscle strain helped. I mentally checked the rest of my body, relaxing tense muscles (most of them), and this helped me process the sensation. Other sensations pulled me in and out of focus. A hand in my hair. My feet being pummelled. A caress of my cock.

I became aware of sensation on my back, hands and something cold. I noticed that a voice was speaking, and eventually worked out it was asking me something. Did I know what they were doing, what it was that I was feeling ? I had to force myself to pay attention, to push the pain of the harness into the background. The knife. They were running the knife over my skin. Gently, it had to be gently, but I could feel a point of sensation moving across my back. Mistress and Ms Gorgeous took turns, their hands steadying me as the knife ran in patterns across my skin.

Eventually I heard Ms Gorgeous say to Mistress "Now lets do one deeper cut. ", and they discussed where to place it. They cut across my lower back, just above my tattoo. It felt hot, but I had no idea how deeply they had cut. Sensation had lost its meaning, was I bleeding, how could I tell ? But I did know one place where sensation was building. My cock. For a time I felt like I was building to an orgasm, like I would come any moment without being touched.

And then they started flogging me. On my front, from underneath. On my cock and balls.

But now there was a new sensation rising to the front of my consciousness. My arm was going to sleep, and had, I realised, been doing so for some time. I thought hard - I didn't want it to end so soon, but then again it didn't feel good. So I called "yellow" (my first ever safeword), and asked them to check circulation in my arm. Within moments I was lying on a surface, a massage table. And shortly after I was cuddled up in the arms of my Mistress, exhilarated, safe and utterly blissed out.

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